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Our Story Continued

Indeed, words like bacon, lobster and truffle are sprinkled like confetti throughout chef Larry Stewart’s seasonal menu of French and Italian classics updated with bold, new-world flavors. You can sit at the chef’s table in the kitchen for front-row action and a set five-course menu, or slip into a curved banquet and peruse the dinner menu and 19-page wine list.

Larry’s Wine Spectator award-winning list is symbolic of his more-is- more approach. See, for example, his posh take on a cherished prairie favorite: perogies. His are decadent, stuffed with truffled potatoes and fried in butter until golden, arrive with an entourage of grainy mustard-cream sauce, smoked salmon, and (why hold back now?) salmon caviar.

For dessert, a large wedge of moist and comforting gingerbread cake so good it’s been on the menu since day one. It, too, has an entourage: rhubarb saskatoon compote, warm caramel sauce and mango ice cream. Yes, it’s all a bit rich (as is the crowd), but this is, after all, Edmonton fine dining at its best.


The Goodridge Block

9696-9698 Jasper Avenue

Description of Historic Place

The Goodridge Block is a rectangular, three–storey brick Edwardian style commercial building. Located on a corner lot at the intersection of 97 Street and Jasper Avenue, it anchors the historic East Jasper district in the City of Edmonton.

Heritage Value

The Goodridge Block is historically significant as a mixed-use retail and office block developed by Leonard Goodridge in the heart of Edmonton’s business district at the height of the pre ­ WWI economic boom. The Goodridge Block has a strong historical association with the hardware business beginning with the opening of W.W. Sales in 1930 under the direction of S.P. Wilson.

Our Philosophy

If every dish is an extension of the cook, then this restaurant is an extension of me and the talented team. Our goal is to provide extraordinary, contemporary Canadian cuisine with a spontaneous, open-minded approach to food. We must forge an intimacy between the kitchen and dining room.

Anyone who wants to come in our kitchen and talk to the chefs or take pictures is welcome. Our cuisine is defined by the simple idea of letting the ingredients taste like themselves – using foods at their peak with simplicity to become a middleman between farm and guest. I think simple, delicious food is sometimes harder to make than intricate, over-handed food because you have less to hide behind. Dishes do not need foams, gels and other slights of hand to comprise a sophisticated, technique-driven menu.

Our Purveyors

We are proud to support the following purveyors of fine goods and services:

GFS (Gordon food service)
Wild Game
Rocky Mountain Foods
Fins Seafood
Alley Kat
World Wide Foods
Mona Foods
Pinocchio Ice Cream
Canterberry Coffee
Irving Farms

Our People

The Hardware Grill Family Tree

The Hardware Grill celebrated its 20th birthday on October 20. That must by 150 in restaurant years. The restaurant business is notorious for its lack of longevity; how does a restaurant not only survive but stay relevant? What effect does a restaurant with longevity have on our food culture? Lots apparently. Hardware Grill alumni own restaurants and businesses, are exec chefs in amazing places, carry on with creative pursuits and there are a good number of folks who have made hospitality careers at Hardware Grill.

To show this in a graphic way, I asked Melinda and Larry Stewart, owners of the restaurant, to help me put together a family tree. During the project, much wine was drunk and there were moments of hilarity that began with ‘do you remember’? Being a proud alumnus myself, it was a delight to do.

Tomato food & drink publisher Mary Bailey can still balance three plates on one hand and pour wine with either, but misses having a bus boy.

1. Amanda Van Brabant
Then: baker. Now: owner, Amanda V’s Bakery.
2. Andrew Fung
1998-2002, 2004-2006
Then: cook. Now: chef/owner at XIX.
3. Brad Smoliak

Then: co-owner, sous chef. Now: owner, Kitchen by Brad Smoliak.
4. Brad Waritsky
Then: cook. Now: registered nurse.
5. Brian Waritsky
Then: busser. Now: assistant manager PCL Tools.
6. Cam Dobranski
1997-2000, 2002-2003
Then: cook. Now: chef/owner, Kensington Brasserie, Calgary; owner, Medium Rare Chefware.
7. Chris Thompson
Then: cook. Now: owner, Hawkers Market, Vancouver.
8. Cindy Lazarenko
Then: server. Now: co-owner, OnOurTable.
9. Clark Yuill
Then: cook, executive sous chef. Now: journeyman electrician.
10. Clint Zaiffdeen
1996-2001, 2004-2010
Then: server. Now: owner/operator, Famoso West Edmonton.
11. Cory Welsch
Then: cook. Now: chef, Craft Beer Market, Calgary.
12. Curtis Beer
Then: waiter. Now: waiter.
13. Dan Strelow
Then: cook. Now: HWG sous chef.
14. Danielle McLaughlin
Then: office manager. Now: financial controller, Mayfair Golf & Country Club.
15. Dean Lonsdale
Then: waiter. Now: waiter.
16. Dylan Prins
2010-2013, 2015-Present
Then: cook. Now: HWG sous chef.
17. Evan Robertson
Then: cook. Now: chef at Pig ’n Duke, Calgary.
18. Garnet Madsen
Then: cook/apprentice. Now: chef instructor.

19. Garrett Ross
Then: busser. Now: actor.
20. Gary Stinn
Then: server. Now: server.
21. Graham Versailles
Then: intern baker. Now: wine agent.
22. Jennifer Cockrall-King
Then: hostess. Now: writer, owner, foodgirl.ca.
23. Joanne Lofeudo
Then: hostess. Now: artist, Kelowna.
24. Jordan Abbott
Then: cook. Now: cook, XIX.
25. Jordan Wiggins
Then: cook. Now: chef, Woodwork.
26. Kieran McKinney
Then: server. Now: retired.
27. Kyle Wilson
Then: busser. Now: waiter.
28. Lacey Cormier
Then: baker. Now: veterinary assistant.
29. Laine Colman
Then: server. Now: business owner/operator.
30. Leona Mihaljisn
Then: daily cash. Now: office manager.
31. Margo Maria Klimowicz
2003-2006, 2012-2014, Present
Then: busser. Now: photographer.
32. Mark Jackson
Then: Our first dishwasher. Now: Professor, Oxford University.
33. Mary Bailey
Then: server. Now: writer, owner, The Tomato Food & Drink.
34. Matt Hauca
Then: busser. Now: university instructor, Japan.
35. Matthew Steppan
Then: busser. Now: director of stakeholder relations, ASET.
36. Michael Love
Then: apprentice cook. Now: cook, Corso 32.
37. Mike Buckley
Then: sous chef. Now: business manager, transportation.

38. Mike Caldwell
Then: busser. Now: English teacher, Japan.
39. Nigel Weber
Then: exec. sous chef. Now: culinary arts instructor, NAIT.
40. Patrick Leano
Then: cook. Now: chef, Osteria, London, England.
41. Pauline Ulliac
Then: hostess. Now: artist.
42. Perry Wenham
Then: cook. Now: bakery owner, Ontario.
43. Peter Keith
Then: cook. Now: chef.
44. Pietro Scontrino
Then: cook. Now: pork and poultry trader, Calgary.
45. Rino Lam
Then: cook. Now: chef, XIX, St. Albert.
46. Ronald Bolanos
Then: cook. Now: cook, XIX.
47. Russell Frame
Then: server. Now: R.I.P.
48. Ryan Vickers
2006-2012, 2014, Present
Then: cook/baker. Now: baker, HWG.
49. Sean O’Connor
Then: cook. Now: exec chef, Red Ox Inn.
50. Sarah MacKinley
Then: server. Now: hostess.
51. Sasha Sproule
Then: server. Now: licensed practical nurse.
52. Shane Thomas
Then: busser. Now: waiter.
53. Steven Hugens
1996-2001, 2011-2016
Then: server. Now: F & B director, Mayfair Golf & Country Club.
54. Tracey (Lomnes) Waritsky
Then: sous chef. Now: assistant manager, NAIT Catering.
55. Wendy Perusini
Then: busser. Now: OnOurTable.

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